Insufficient supply of affordable housing and low-wage jobs make housing unobtainable to over 20,000 people living in McHenry County.

–Heartland Alliance for Humans Needs

Cost of Living in McHenry County

The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in McHenry County is $1,015/month.

In order for a family to afford this they would need to make $19.52 per hour.

You would have to work 98 hours per week at minimum wage!

Affordable housing is in crisis in McHenry County. There are not enough affordable places to live for the amount of people who need them. Presently, there is over a 3 year wait for new Section 8 vouchers to become available to low-income families. These vouchers are provided by the Federal government enabling low income families to pay no more than 30% of their income for housing. It is becoming increasingly impossible for families to afford to purchase a home.

Over 16,000 people live in poverty in McHenry County.

–Heartland Alliance

In Illinois (2009)
Average income for male living alone, $48,305 vs. female living alone, $27,727

Families with male head of household (no wife present), $53,227 vs. female head of household (no husband present), $34,000


Illinois Minimum Wage: $8.25/hour Single mother households are almost 6 times as likely to be poor as 2 parent households.

Poverty Among Children in Illinois
Among all children: 1 in 6 is poor
White/Non-Latino: 1 in 10
Asian/Pacific Islander: 1 in 9
American Indian/Alaska Native: 1 in 6
Latino: 1 in 5
Black: 3 in 8
Population of McHenry County, (2010): 308,760

Persons in McHenry County living in poverty (2009): 21,119 (6.6% of the population) Persons under age 18 living in poverty: 7,364; ages 5-17 yrs. in families in poverty: 4,430

–U.S. Census Bureau

Households in McHenry County receiving food stamps (2009): 4,334 or 4% Of the 4% of households receiving food stamps, 47.8% are households with children under 18 yrs.

Of the 4% of households receiving food stamps, 16.6% of are households w/person 60 yrs. or older

Home of the Sparrow Facts

Average monthly income of families at entry into HOS: $77. Less than 10% of mothers at HOS receive child support. Nearly all women/families at HOS receive food stamps.

Maximum weekly food stamp allotment for family of 3 is $131.50 (various factors reduce that amount). Currently, 70% of HOS residents have been victims of domestic violence. Greater than 90% have or are at risk of a mental health issue.