The number of individuals served grows each year with increasing needs...

In 2011, Home of the Sparrow’s programs served 105 individuals; in 2014, that number was 224 women and children; and during the 2020 fiscal year, Home of the Sparrow directly served over 500+ women and children, while impacting over 2,000+ individuals through their other services.

Fiscal Year 2023 at a Glance

•  HOS provided direct support to over 596 individuals (unduplicated), while another 1,600+ were assisted through phone referrals to community resources

•  80%+ of the individuals exiting the shelter entered permanent housing

•  Shelter served 45 adults and 43 children

•  432 individual volunteers and eight volunteer groups

•  Volunteers dedicated 39,100+ hours to help Home of the Sparrow

• 37 store vouchers issued to HOS Clients and surrounding agencies

•  Logistics Team averaged 193 furniture monthly pickups & deliveries

•  17,000 register transactions per month on average across all stores

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