Program Overview

Home of the Sparrow programs are designed to strengthen and empowers women to:

  • Obtain permanent housing
  • Develop life skills suited to each woman’s situation
  • Secure and maintain employment that pays a livable wage
  • Develop a continuing education plan, setting realistic and achievable goals
  • Evaluate their financial status, learning how and why it is important to maintain a budget
  • Identify issues that impede self-sufficiency and secure appropriate assistance
  • Learn and apply healthy parenting skills to enhance the lives of their children


While providing or linking residents to shelter, utilities, food, clothing, transportation, and some necessary financial assistance, Home of the Sparrow’s staff also provides residents with guidance and resources to help them achieve self-reliance. Services may be rendered directly or through collaborations with partner agencies.

Residents may stay in Home of the Sparrow’s transitional shelter program for up to 9 months. The average stay is about 4.5 months. Upon successful completion of the program, the agency offers aftercare to assist and support women as they transition into healthy, independent lives.

  • Case management
  • Community Support
  • Individual tutoring
  • Guidance toward educational and employment options
  • Child-care assistance
  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Incredible Years Training Class
  • Financial Class
  • Life Skill Classes
  • Advocacy

Entry Criteria

Specific criteria must be met for those seeking to enter Home of the Sparrow shelters. The women must be:

  • Homeless
  • Female, single, pregnant, or a single female parent with children
  • Maintaining healthy management of any persistent mental health symptoms
  • Willing to abide by the rules and regulations of Home of the Sparrow


Please contact Katie our intake manager at (815) 271-5444 x 58 and/or email for additional criteria or questions.

Supportive Services

Home of the Sparrow’s staff is comprised of compassionate, professional, social service and administrative individuals. Together, each staff member plays an integral role in helping residents realize they are capable of successful and independent living. Staff members include:

  • Vice President of Program Services
  • Shelter Coordinator
  • Intake and Education Coordinator
  • Shelter Case Managers
  • Housing Coordinator
  • Child and Family Therapist
  • Adult Therapist
  • Rapid Re-Housing Coordinator

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